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Football Fever..Part 5


1958 – Sweden

The 1958 World Cup in Sweden brought together some of the great names of football such as goalkeeper Lev Yashin of Russia, Frenchmen Just Fontaine and Raymond Kopa, with the Brazilians bringing a team that included Garrincha and a certain 17-year-old named Pele.  Some other new kids on the block were the Russians, who continued England’s troubles during the final stages, eliminating Walter Winterbottom’s side in a first round playoff (1-0).

The English were still reeling from the Munich air disaster in which eight Manchester United players perished, including talented internationals Duncan Edwards, Roger Byrne and Tommy Taylor.

Despite the brave efforts of the host nation, the tournament quickly evolved into a festival of green and gold – the colours of Brazil.  The South Americans had all the ideal ingredients to cook up a winning formula, notably an innovative coach in Vicente Feola, who introduced the 4-2-4 formation, and a line-up sprinkled with stars like Garrincha, Pele, Didi and Amarildo.  The Brazilians danced their way through the first round (two wins and a draw) before stumbling in a tricky quarter-final against Wales, when Pele came to the rescue with the only goal of the game.  France awaited them in the semis and although Kopa and company held the Brazilians in check for the first 45 minutes, Pele exploded in the second period, bagging a hat-trick that gave the scoreline an emphatic look at 5-2.

1962 – Chile

Since we have nothing, we’ll make everything” declared Chile football Federation president Carlos Dittborn, after the Fifa meeting in 1956, when the 7th World Cup was awarded to Chile.   The country had been smashed by a powerful earthquake on May 21, 1960, damaging many of the proposed stadiums, but the economically crippled nation defied the odds and put on a tournament that silenced the numerous critics.  After four days of madness, 50 players had already went down injured, including the great Pele who tore thigh muscles in his right leg during a match against Czechoslovakia which ruled him out for the rest of the tournament.  The group match between Chile and Italy deteriorated into an ugly skirmish at Santiago in front of a hostile crowd.  Italy had two players sent off and a third finished the match (which Chile won 2-0) with a broken nose.

A draw for Columbia, however, was not enough and they joined respected powers Italy, Uruguay and Spain as first round casualties.  The host nation had a thrilling journey to the semi-finals, but there they were outclassed by the talented Brazilians 4-2, with Garrincha, Vava, Amarildo and company making light of the absence of Pele.  The other semi-final featured two Eastern European teams; Czechoslovakia ground out a 1-0 win over Yugoslavia thanks to a late winner off the boot of Adolf Scherer in a match played before a sparse crowd in Vina del Mar.

Even without Pele, Brazil showed again they were simply too good for the rest of the world and became the third member of an elite club, joining Italy and Uruguay as the only two-time winners.

To be continue…

(Facts and articles from UtusaN Malaysia Online)

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Football Feverr..Part 4


1954 – Switzerland

If Uruguay caused a surprise in 1950 by beating Brazil on their own patch to win the World Cup, West Germany went one further in 1954 when they came from nowhere to upset the heavily favoured Hungarian team that featured Sandor Kocsis, Zoltan Czibor and Ferenc Puskas. Hungary went into the tournament in Switzerland enjoying an unbeaten run that had seen them avoid defeat in their last 27 matches. The tournament itself was a festival of goals, with matches boasting a remarkable average of more than five per game, a wonderful advert for the game which was being televised worldwide for the first time.

As expected, Hungary came out of the blocks with a bang, putting nine past hapless South Korea and, ironically, battering West Germany 8-3.

German manager Sepp Herberger had elected to rest most of his first-team regulars, opting to chance qualification for the next round on winning a play-off match, which is what happened.

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Lagi judi bola tumpas

IPOH 17 Jun – Hanya selang beberapa jam polis menahan dua arkitek, dipercayai bookie Piala Dunia 2010 melibatkan pertaruhan RM5 juta di ibu negara malam tadi, satu lagi sindiket sama ditumpaskan di sini.

Dalam serbuan bermula 11 malam sehingga awal pagi ini, empat lelaki ditahan kerana terlibat dalam pertaruhan kejohanan itu yang membabitkan nilai lebih RM2 juta.

Kejayaan itu menyusul hanya dua hari selepas polis menahan empat bookie di Butterworth, Pulau Pinang dan dua orang tengah di Kuching, Sarawak.

Ketua Polis Daerah Ipoh, Asisten Komisioner Azisman Alias berkata, serbuan di sini, dilakukan di Taman Rasi Jaya di Menglembu, Taman Ehsan di Jalan Tawas Baru, Medan Cator dan Meru Valley Golf Resort.

Katanya, dalam serbuan hasil maklumat awam dan intipan itu, polis berjaya menahan semua suspek yang berusia antara 25 dan 31 tahun serta merampas pelbagai barangan untuk perjudian.

“Barangan itu terdiri daripada lapan buah komputer termasuk dua komputer riba, mesin pencetak (dua), mesin faks (dua), mesin kira-kira, telefon bimbit dan helaian kertas tercatat nombor pertaruhan bernilai RM30,000.

“Polis percaya sindiket tersebut bergiat aktif beberapa bulan lalu semasa liga-liga bola sepak lain turut berlangsung. Sindiket itu dikesan lebih aktif ketika demam bola sepak sekarang ini.

“Kita juga ada bukti menunjukkan mereka turut terlibat dengan kegiatan judi ekor haram,” katanya pada sidang akhbar di sini hari ini.

Semalam, dua beradik yang bekerja sebagai arkitek dicekup polis berhubung satu sindiket perjudian perlawanan bola sepak Piala Dunia melibatkan wang pertaruhan kira-kira RM5 juta.

Menurut Azisman, keempat-empat suspek tersebut kini ditahan reman sehingga 20 Jun ini untuk siasatan mengikut Seksyen 6(3) Akta Pertaruhan 1953.

Sementara itu ujarnya, polis telah menubuhkan satu pasukan khas untuk memantau aktiviti judi bola sepak haram sepanjang berlangsungnya Piala Dunia.

Justeru, beliau menyeru orang ramai supaya menyalurkan maklumat kepada pihak polis bagi membanteras kegiatan terbabit.

Dipetik dari Utusan Malaysia

Setelah seminggu pertandingan Piala Dunia 2010 berlangsung, kegiatan judi bola juga semakin berleluasa dengan beberapa penangkapan suspek yang dipercayai “bookie” untuk setiap perlawanan bola sepak yang berlangsung. Dengan kejayaan pihak berkuasa memberkas beberapa orang “bookie” perlawanan bola, ini menunjukkan bahawa pihak berkuasa di negara kita memandang serius terhadap masalah ini. Ia juga sedikit-sebanyak dapat mengurangkan gejala judi bola yang saban hari muncul di muka akhbar-akhbar harian tempatan. Akan tetapi, usaha seperti ini harus dijalankan walaupun apabila pertandingan Piala Dunia 2010 berakhir pada bulan Julai kelak. Ini kerana walaupun pertandingan tersebut berakhir tetapi masalah judi bola akan tetap kekal cuma tidaklah sehangat Piala Dunia yang hanya berlangsung sekali dalam 4 tahun. Maka, pihak berkuasa tempatan haruslah gigih dan berdedikasi dalam membendung jenayah-jenayah di negara kita ini kerana para penjenayah tidak akan serik dengan tindakan yang diambil pihak berkuasa walaupun dikenakan hukuman yang berat.

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Football Feverrr..Part 3


1938 – France

The threat of war hung over Europe as the third edition of the World Cup prepared to kick off in France in 1938, after world governing body Fifa upheld its decision to go ahead with the tournament despite the growing threat of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi forces.  Austria, who boasted one of the strongest teams in Europe and starring the great Mathias Sindelar had already been under German occupation since the Anschluss.  Spain had their own problems with a civil war that had been raging since 1936 and also stayed at home.

A pool of 36 nations had been whittled down to 14 qualifiers who joined hosts France and holders Italy in the first round knock-out format. Brazil and Cuba were the representatives from the Americas and the Dutch East Indies also joined the party as Asian representatives. Fifa’s decision not to rotate the host continent infuriated many South American countries who boycotted the tournament altogether.

Italy, however, proved stiffer opponents and courtesy of two goals from Silvio Piola and Gino Colaussi, the Italians won their second straight title with a 4-2 win in front of 45,000 supporters on the outskirts of Paris at Colombes. It was to be the last World Cup for 12 years.

1950 – Luxembourg

World governing body FIFA decided in 1946 in Luxembourg to resume the World Cup competition in 1950, rebaptising the tournament the Jules Rimet Trophy in honour of the Frenchman who came up with the idea of a world competition and with sole candidates Brazil taking their first turn as hosts.  England, who had formed their own federation in 1929, had only just agreed to join FIFA, having declined to compete in the initial three World Cups.  They finally agreed to take part in Brazil, where football was developing into a national obsession.  Proof of this was the decision to begin work on the Maracana stadium, designed to accommodate a staggering 200,000 spectators in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro.  The tournament moved back to a first round round-robin format, but England who arrived as one of the favourites were stunned 1-0 by the United States and never recovered, losing again to Spain and exiting the tournament in miserable fashion.

Uruguay celebrated in style, 20 years after their initial success on home soil at the first ever World Cup.

To be continue…

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6 sindiket judi Piala Dunia tumpas – 2010/06/17

KUALA LUMPUR: Belum pun berakhir pusingan pertama Piala Dunia 2010, Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) sudah melumpuhkan sekurang-kurang enam sindiket judi haram membabitkan 22 individu di seluruh negara.
Daripada jumlah itu, sembilan orang ditahan di Pulau Pinang manakala selebihnya di sekitar Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Melaka, Johor dan Sarawak.


Difahamkan, semua sindiket itu bergiat sejak beberapa tahun dan kebanyakannya menggunakan pakar teknologi maklumat untuk mengendalikan operasi secara talian, selain turut dikesan menjalinkan hubungan dengan negara luar.


Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah (JSJ) Bukit Aman, Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin, berkata semua suspek berusia 20 hingga 42 tahun itu diberkas hasil maklumat awam dan risikan Cawangan Maksiat, Perjudian dan Kongsi Gelap Bukit Aman.

“Sejak kejohanan Piala Dunia 2010 bermula pada 11 Jun lalu, polis sudah mengenal pasti beberapa sindiket ini dan melalui risikan yang dijalankan, kita memberkas mereka serta merampas bukti jenayah yang dilakukan.

“Bagaimanapun, polis masih lagi menjalankan pemantauan bagi mengesan beberapa lagi sindiket yang disyaki terbabit dengan judi haram ini,” katanya ketika dihubungi Berita Harian semalam.

Beliau berkata, semua suspek itu kini direman bagi membantu siasatan mengikut Seksyen 6(3) Akta Pertaruhan 1953 (Akta 495).
“Seorang bookie judi haram boleh mengaut keuntungan sehingga RM15,000 untuk setiap perlawanan dan ia akan meningkat jika membabitkan perlawanan antara pasukan popular,” katanya.

Di PULAU PINANG, Ketua Polis negeri, Datuk Ayub Yaakob, berkata dua lelaki berusia 28 dan 33 tahun antara tangkapan terbaru dibuat dalam serbuan di sebuah rumah dua tingkat di Seberang Jaya di sini, kelmarin.

Dalam serbuan jam 2.50 pagi itu, polis memberkas kedua-dua suspek disyaki terbabit dalam pertaruhan haram membabitkan Piala Dunia, lumba kuda dan pinjaman tidak berlesen.

“Hasil pemeriksaan, polis merampas sebuah buku mengandungi 30 nama peminjam yang dipercayai berhutang dengan mereka sebanyak RM100,000 untuk pertaruhan.

“Selain itu, polis turut merampas dua komputer riba, telefon bimbit, buku bank serta pemacu data yang mengandungi maklumat penghutang,” katanya.



Dipetik dari Berita Harian 17/6/2010

Ekoran daripada pembatalan lesen yang membenarkan pertaruhan keputusan perlawanan bola sepak Piala Dunia 2010 baru-baru ini bukanlah punca timbulnya masalah sindiket judi haram berlaku. Masalah ini sebenarnya sering berlaku ketika berlangsungnya kejohanan bola sepak Piala Dunia dari dulu lagi. Tetapi ada pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab mungkin mengungkitkan masalah ini, walaupun ia memang kerap berlaku setiap kali kejohanan berprestij tersebut berlangsung. Apapun persoalan yang dibangkitkan, pada saya ia tidak ada kena-mengena dengan keputusan kerajaan membatalkan lesen pertaruhan yang dicadangkan sebelum berlangsungnya kejohanan Piala Dunia 2010 beberapa minggu yang lepas. Apa yang harus dilakukan sekarang ialah pihak berkuasa harus menjalankan tugas masing-masing bagi mengurangkan serta mengekangkan kegiatan yang tidak bermoral ini.

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Football Feverrr…Part 2


1934 – Italy

“God help them if they lose” were the encouraging words from Benito Mussolini to Italian players on the eve of the 1934 World Cup.  Il Duce demanded nothing less than victory from his country and saw the tournament as the ideal vehicle to promote his fascist policies, as did Aldolf Hitler two years later, when the Winter and Summer Olympics were held in Garmisch and Berlin.  Italy were determined to win at all costs and handed citizenship to four Argentine players, Raimundo Orsi, Luis Monti, Enrique Guaita and Atilia Demaria as well as the Brazilian Anfilogino Guarisi.  The competition had a much stronger European profile than the inaugural championships four years earlier when tiny Uruguay put on a distinctly South American affair.

While nine teams from the Americas were present in 1930, only three made the trip to Italy.  Holders Uruguay, dogged by problems with players, were not among them, leaving Argentina, Brazil and the United States with the task of making the long journey to Europe knowing that they might play only one game.  That was exactly the case for the Americans as Italy barely stretched their legs while inflicting a 7-1 first round defeat to eliminate the 1930 semi-finalists.

Italy were champions, Mussolini was happy and the players who pocketed a tidy 1,800 dollars each could breathe easy again.


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Football Feverrrrrr…..

Hello again..!!

Miss my blog since almost 2 weeks I didn’t post anything due to hmm..anyway welcome back to myself and happy blogging again. 

Anyway, during my  “holiday” the 2010 football World Cup has officially opened on the 11th June 2010, last Firday.  The day everybody waiting for.  Let us revealed back the history of world cup. 

World Cup first event is in 1930 where Uruguay were handed the responsibility after they dangled a financial carrot before the world governing body Fifa too tasty to refuse.  Not only did the Uruguayans promise to build a brand new 80,000 capacity stadium in which the games would be played, but they also offered to pay all the hotel expenses and travel costs of each of the teams taking part.

The Uruguayans were also handy footballers, having won the last two Olympic tournaments at Paris in 1924 and Amsterdam four years later, a victory which coincided with the 100th anniversary of the country’s independence.  Partly due to the three-week boat trip, European participation was limited to four nations: France, Belgium, Yugoslavia and Romania.  The winning cup conquered by France.

This historical event will be continued everyday……

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Israel : A terrorist state

An unprecendented attack by the Israelis’ commandos on the human rights convoy ship showed the arrogance of the Israeli government. The Israelis have no regards for other human race other than themselves’ akin to Hitler’s regime in the 30’s and 40’s.

The whole world condemned the attack but unfortunately the British and the American government, the Israelis big brother,  have yet to make any comments. Even the UN Security Council decision showed the influence of the Israeli government because of the British and the American government.

If the attack was done by other than Israel, the American SEAL (elite commandos) and the British SAS would have pounced on the ships and condemned the attack as terrorist!!..

Regretfully though, the americans, british and europeans have yet to realised that the Israelis are the real terrosrist in this world. History have shown many inhumane and astrocities done by the Israel since its inception as a state after WWII. Remember the Syatilla massacre ? Remember the Gaza bombings? Yet the generals spearheading the attacks have become Prime Minsiter of the state..none was ever judged in the international court of justice… the world condemned Hitler, Hun Seng and Saddam Hussein..but Israelis leaders are worst than those three combined!!

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Pemansuhan dan Pengurangan Subsidi

YAB Ketua Menteri Sarawak berpendapat pemansuhan dan pengurangan subsidi tidak akan dilakukan dengan mendadak. Beliau percaya pelaksanaan pemansuhan subsidi khususnya yang membabitkan keperluan harian masyarakat akan dikaji dengan teliti.

Seorang pakar dalam bidang ekonomi berpendapat, pandangan yang mengandaikan negara akan muflis jika subsidi tidak dikurangkan atau dimansuhkan adalah keterlaluan kerana ekonomi negara masih lagi baik. Namun menurut Dato Idris Jala, kerajaan terpaksa ambil langkah penjimatan sekiranya pendapatan tidak seiring kos perbelanjaan menjelang 2019.

Ada baik dan buruknya jika subsidi dimansuh atau dikurangkan. Yang baiknya ialah (1)  kerajaan dapat mengurangkan beban tanggungan dan penjimatan tersebut boleh digunakan untuk pembangunan negara, (2) rakyat akan lebih berdikari dan tidak terlalu bergantung kepada subsidi kerajaan serta belajar untuk berjimat cermat.

Keburukan ketara jika pemansuhan atau pengurangan subsidi dilaksanakan ialah harga barangan akan melambung naik yang akan memberi kesan negatif kepada golongan yang berpendapatan rendah, khususnya penduduk luar bandar yan mungkin terpaksa membayar bukan sekali ganda, malah tiga kali ganda, iaitu bergantung kepada jarak kawasan.

Justeru cadangan yang dikemukakan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri harus mengambilkira pandangan rakyat secara keseluruhan dan pendapat YAB Ketua Menteri Sarawak perlu juga diambilkira memandangkan Sarawak bakal menghadapi pilihan raya negeri akan datang.

Apa pandangan saudara semua?

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